Why Light Deluge?

March 2, 2010


I have been thinking about writing in a blog for some time now, having really enjoyed keeping up with my family’s, friend’s, and spouse’s goings-ons over the past couple years, in addition to finally delving into some political and cultural blogs.  One of the things holding me back for a while was exactly which aspect of myself I wanted to write about… but, really I just like to write and to record my surroundings, because it helps me keep all my slippery memories together.  So here I will write about all the parts of me, hence the name of the blog, “Light Deluge.”  I am a (D) derby girl, an (E) environmentalist, a (L) lover of my wife, a (U) unitarian universalist, a (G) gay woman, and an (E) expectant-expecting-mother.  Does that sum it up? Body, intellect, heart, soul…  Well, one thing that didn’t fit into that list, of course, is my photography.  But my photography is all about light… especially when that light floods into my little black box in negatives and positives.

I plan on writing and posting some photos- artistic and documentary- whenever I can.  Thanks for reading… and here we go!



  1. i like this ellie!

  2. Love you, my dear!

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