March 14, 2010

So, you know… I think about babies a lot.  I’m trying to be very conscious of not wishing myself into the future… I know I should live in the ‘now,’ and I think I’m getting much better at that (with a few exceptions, including when babies are within a few feet of me).  I really am appreciating the time Kelsey and I have to develop our marriage with just the two of us.  So, with a mixture of these two feelings (not mutually exclusive), we’ve been talking about baby plans.

Now, to be fair, we’ve been talking about baby plans since way before we got married, but it’s different now.  We’ve got some tentative timelines (understanding that life throws curveballs and you can’t plan for everything), but seeing as how some planning seems good, I have indeed started taking my temperature every morning when I wake up.

Why you ask?  Basically, I am trying to figure out when I ovulate.  I guess there’s a very narrow window during which you can introduce the swimmies (a fact which blows my mind, considering how many accidental pregnancies happen all over the world).  Now, there are lots of ways of figuring out when you DID ovulate (like counting 14 days back from the start of your period), but that won’t be helpful in this circumstance.  There are also other ways of figuring out when you are GOING TO ovulate before you ovulate, but it involves a month of peeing on sticks plus… you know, $200.  So, we’re trying out the temperature thing, which involves taking your temp every morning right as you gain consciousness.   This tells you your basal body temperature, a number that fluctuates around the time of ovulation.  We’re trying this out now because it’s something I’ll have to do for a couple months to see if it’ll work, so it’s an experiment we want to try far in advance of any actual desire for baby-ness.  That way if it doesn’t work, we can try another method.

I have a LOT more I want to think and talk about re: babies, but I have been told it’s better to have shorter blog entries, so consider this one the first of many on the topic.


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