the importance of a week

March 22, 2010

I would like another week, please.  While I turned in the first 70 pages of my thesis last Friday night (ok, technically early Saturday morning), that was only the intro, methods, lit review, and results.  Now comes the analysis and conclusions… you know, the part where I have to think.  And, at this point, I am a little terrified of trying to finish this section within the next week (trying to get it to my advisor for edits before presenting on and defending my thesis April 9th).  My advisor, bless his heart, sent me an email today saying nicely “don’t rush.”  How dear.  Still, there is only so much time between today and Friday, and today and April 9th.

I was talking today with another grad student, as we lamented our lack of time, thinking, “If only I’d known months ago how much I would want ONE MORE week right now.”  Of course, you can’t go back.

Kinda like this weekend, when we played a bout against Carolina, and after a solid hour of exhausting, frustrating, joyous, and maddening derby, the score stood at 111-110.  If only ONE person on the team had gotten to the front of the pack to ‘save their point,’ we might have been tied and been allowed overtime.

If only.  Of course, this is not something to lament such that it prevents you from taking action.  But I think having experiences such as these can help motivate you in the next cycle of things you’re working on… in the midst of muddling through a long-term project, be it an hour-long bout, a two-year Master’s, a life-long raising of a child, whatever… putting in the effort really can make a difference.  Sometimes, you just gotta sit around and watch a movie and eat bon-bons, or take a walk in the woods… I’m all for balance.  But sometimes, you gotta get your butt in gear before it’s too late.

that's me in the purple pants, working hard to get through the pack. also working hard to get through this thesis text...

photo credit: Amanda Suzzi


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