acquaintance with a droplet

March 25, 2010

Luckily, I had NOTHING on my calendar today.  That’s right… just thesis, thesis, thesis all day long.  Only trouble with that is that it’s actually impossible, it seems, to work all day on something that requires sitting.  At least for me.  Luckily, Harriet needed a walk, and my camera asked me to make sure it still worked.  Below are some explorations of a sap droplet that resulted from Kels hanging a new hammock in one of our pine trees.



  1. These are proto-amber, you know… I love the idea that, left alone for a few million years under a lot of pressure, that sap droplet would become a gemstone.

    Always makes me think of that C. S Lewis scene in “Silver Chair” when the character talks about the “Deep Lands” where they eat sapphires by the bunch like grapes and drink ruby juice.

  2. Hey Ellie! I like photo number three lots.

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