Ella Marie

October 30, 2010

Ok, I know… I’ve posted about Ella Marie on Facebook more than once, but I had to include her in my blog as well.  Just a few of my favorite shots here.

Also, it was so amazing to hold her.  Her little tiny body is so soft and warm, and her little face so perfect, even in its imperfections.  She seems SO fragile, with her ankles so skinny and her head unable to support itself.  Yet I know she is also so resilient and strong.  Did I mention perfect?

She is a great sleeper, even if only for two hours at a time, and so far she only cries when she’s hungry.  Very efficient.  And, although unreliable in terms of not making a mess (!), she is exquisite to photograph in the nude.  Thank you, Eleanor, and thanks Mama, Papa, and big sis, for letting me photograph your family.



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