X is for Xtreme!

November 15, 2010

I’m not sure exactly what made me start P90x.  A personal trainer friend of mine sang its praises at a derby after-party, and shortly after a friend of mine bought the program and started it.  I looked it up online and– in one of those inexplicable moments where something could equally be a great idea or totally dumb and a waste of time, but for some reason just seems right– I decided to do it.

So I am!  I’m doing the P90x program… a total body fitness program that lasts at least 90 days (although I’m extending it a tad).  Basically, there are videos that you follow, 7 for the first month, each of which are totally different: lifting weights focusing on your chest and back one day, doing Plyometrics (jump training) the next, doing pullups and pushups till your arms fall off the following day, doing Xtreme yoga the next, etc.  Then, just as you’ve done each routine three times and your body starts to get used to it, you go on to different workouts, which leads to “muscle confusion.”

Muscles: “Ok, I’m totally starting to get this… Whaaaa???”

I’m pumped about this program for multiple reasons.  For one thing, the derby season’s starting to wind down, and it’s getting colder outside, so it’s great to have a workout that I can do at home.  Did I mention I don’t have to drive 30 to 75 minutes to do the workout?  Yeah, I can just… you know… decide to do it, and then begin.

Second, I’m excited to get my WHOLE body engaged and strong again.  I really haven’t used my arms much in the past couple years since getting serious about derby.  And while my overall fitness is pretty great from derby, there really are whole parts of my body that I’m just not using.  So I think it’ll be neat to rebuild those muscles (and hopefully that cross training will make my ability to play derby even better).

Finally, it’s fun.  I’m sharing the program with one of my derby pals, by which I mean she bought the program and is swapping the CDs with me in exchange for moral support!  I can give moral support.  So we’re having a grand time talking about how much we hurt all over, and how crazy it is that yoga and jumping up and down can make you aware of muscles you didn’t even know you had.  Plus, with this program you write down how many reps of things you do, so that later you can look back and think, “Wow, I’m definitely more awesome now than I was when I started!”  I’ve even done one workout with Kels, which was certainly more fun than solo, and then we got to intermittently high five and stare at each other in disbelief that it’s so hard!

Now, I’m not doing the “whole program.”  There’s an entire nutrition program where you eat certain things and drink their awesome post-workout smoothies, etc.  I’m frankly not interested in that.  I’ve done dieting, and I don’t feel the need to return to that.  I pretty much just eat healthy foods, so it’s not a huge deal.  I will still eat sweets and drink beer, because I like them.  So that’s that.

But I’m already feeling really good.  Seems like after each workout, I feel like I have more energy than when I started.  And it’s kind of ridiculous and fun how every day I get to enjoy being totally sore in some other area of my body.  Guess it’s working!

So yeah… next time you see me, I’ll be happy to give directions to the “gun show.”


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