8 months to an end

February 3, 2011


finally congratulations

As most of you know, I’ll be starting a new job on Monday, and I’ve been reflecting this past week on this whole last section of my life. Eight months… from graduation to job offer. I wonder if I would have wanted to know when I started out that it would be this long (or… this short, for all those out there still looking).

eight months: almost enough time to make a new life... (http://www.parentdish.com/)

I wonder how my experience would have been different if I’d known.  I sure wouldn’t have applied to all those silly jobs I didn’t get!  Actually, though, I think I can be grateful for the experience I got with job applications and interviews. I also think imagining myself in each of these potential jobs will help me appreciate the good things about the job I did get (i.e. I won’t have to make the (costly) commute to Boston, I won’t have to work in a fancy office where I have to dress up each day, I won’t have to do work that isn’t fulfilling, etc).  I even think that without things going the way they did, I might not have found as much need for the spiritual ideas I uncovered… I sometimes think I had to get sad before I could understand why and how to be happy.

If I could do it all over again, I would definitely have thrown myself into my photography business sooner. But, at least my family encouraged me to up the intensity while I was home at Christmas. I really needed that push, I think. I needed to hear that what I was doing was legitimate and worthwhile.

my very trusty camera.

Since I embraced it, I realized that I have been absolutely LOVING running my photography business. I love making sample albums, creating pricing/packages sheets, talking with clients, photographing babies, and editing photos. It has been so neat to have the time to throw myself into it all the way. I like the creative aspect of discovering how to market myself, and feeling like I really have a valuable and solid product, and helping folks attain really beautiful images of themselves.  I like the rush of the photo shoot, the first look at my images, and the art of taking a almost-boring photograph and making it about light, texture, and shadow.

album time

But, I also think I’ll be able to keep some of this enlivening creative business going while I do my 9-5. So… with that. I’ll be a Grassroots Campaign Organizer with Clean Water Action, working on the Producer Responsibility Campaign. The idea behind the campaign is trying to get the people who produce stuff to put less toxic ingredients into it, and to get them to do that by forcing them to take back what they made at the end of its life. This whole process requires legislation, and passing legislation requires public pressure. So to the best of my understanding, I’ll be working with community groups to get them to pressure lawmakers to craft and pass some strong Producer Responsibility legislation. More on that as I start the job and figure out just what’s happening!

My two new co-workers!


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